Hi, I'm Shauna.

I'm married to Pete. We have two sweet little girls, Hailey & Charlotte.

I was a full-time employee in the corporate world, but half way into my 2nd pregnancy, I changed career paths. I am CEO of our household during the weekdays. I am a stay-at-home mom.

We strive to live a simple life. I did say strive...right? Things aren't always so simple. But the idea of simple is one I like.

I have a bit of a green thumb.

I also love all things related to home decorating and design.

For the most part, I feed my family organic food. I don't really want to eat pesticides, do you?

We are also gluten-free as of November 2011. Well, our house is anyway. My husband gluten-cheats when he's at work. Going GF was a hard task for me at first. After eating the same way for 31 years, it felt impossible. But you CAN change habits and I did. I had a rough 1st Christmas gluten-free, but I'm happy to say - it gets easier. I've picked up so many tips and tricks along the way, I look forward to sharing them here.

We love to travel. In 3.5 years, we've been to Costa Rica (honeymoon!), Italy (3 weeks with a 7 month old), Maui (twice), and most recently, we went to Mexico. Traveling with kids can be fun, you just need to know the basics (future post!).

It's busy around here and my kitchen is a perpetual mess...

I used to scrapbook (when that was the cool thing to do). I have a sewing machine and a serger (which I hardly ever use). I'm a cooking & sewing 4-H graduate - but I've forgotten much of what was learned. I wish I could take amazing photographs, but I don't really know what I'm doing with the camera when it's not on auto. All these things still interest me...so I might pick up some old skills and give em a test run - I'll let you know how it goes.

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